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Current Campaign: "Blades in the Dark - Machination"

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Episode #294 - Choir of Angels Turns out to be Air Supply

Episode #294 - Choir of Angels Turns out to be Air Supply

The final episode of Echoes. Let’s hope it doesn’t disappoint.

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Actual Play Starts 13:05

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  1. Yeah, I was totally just going for "Redemption" in Latin as a name. Michael B's idea has a better etymology and symbolism, but since Roberto will never actually give the nailhammer a cool latin name, I opted for some linguistic snark instead.

  2. Hey guys. I just caught up with Echoes, and man, what a great finale to this story arc! Pulling together disparate aspects and character tasks into a final event is really tough to manage for a GM, much less keeping the pacing dramatic and inclusive for all players, but I think Tom juggled it incredibly well. It was really interesting to see so many different aspects of not just the story but individual characters coming to a head at once; this really felt like one of the epic showdown stories like Small Favor or Changes. Well played and well run, all!

    One vaguely technical question I was curious about; Roberto was able to wield the nail as a (temporary?) holy knight in his hammer, but while he was holding the nail or the nail-imbued hammer, his (Mike:FALLEN) angel's voice and powers were silenced an inaccessible. When he brought the hammer down on the other Denarian who then caught the hammer in his hands, it was taking holy damage for touching it, but I kept waiting for it to be similarly "silenced" in some way. Maybe it was different because the demon wasn't hosted at the time? In any event, it worked out, because having Roberto lose the holy hammer only to ignite his own hellfire hammer was pretty epicly cinematic. I know Roberto's "buddy" isn't particularly partial to the nail, so I look forward to whatever fallout might result in their relationship after Roberto's stint as an ersatz Knight of the Cross.

    Amazing job all around this "season" of Dresden, in particular:
    - some amazing roleplaying with London and his daughter, both in the epiphany and subsequent relationship development
    - loved the whole chase and encounter with possessed Maxwell
    - Really cool to finally see some of Maxwell's "undercoverness" come into play in calling in the G-man resources
    - I will admit that I was skeptical of Reppa as a character concept at first, but he's really proven to be a fascinating character

    Keep up the great gaming, and thanks for letting us all listen in! Looking forward to Scott helping me overcome my general loathing for steampunk as a genre with some great storytelling! (no pressure).