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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Episode #295 - Listeners Questions

Listeners Questions OR Adulting is Hard.

Episode begins immediately.

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  1. Magnifico! I've always been a martial-arts and disc golf kind of guy, so it was a certainly a strange feeling to read a CNN newsfeed the night Cleveland won the championship and suddenly realize that, for the first time in my life, I actually cared about basketball due to Knights of the Knight.

    I wondered to myself, was "Echoes" just going to end mid-adventure with all the players quitting since the podcast was actually a way for them to psychologically grapple with the shortcomings of their local sports franchises?

    Was Lebron James going to show up at the dramatic climax of the story in a long white robe, punching through the dome on Shadowfax with his teammates riding in formation behind him as ACTUAL cavaliers, while a victorious choir sang out the Cleveland Tourism comedy song?

    Ultimately, you guys did a great job forming a series of preparation episodes with missions centered on readying yourselves for the final battle. The plot-structure reminded of the videogame "Mass Effect Two".

    Incidentally, grappling with simulated realities formed of demonic deception seems to be much the fashion these days! Billionaires in Silicon Valley are rumored to be attempting to pay scientists to destroy our collective "reality Matrix" trapping us in simulated serfdom:

    Thanks for sharing these wonderful episodes, and good luck with your Steampunk hijinks!