Current Blades in the Dark - Machination

Current Campaign: "Blades in the Dark - Machination"

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Episode #76 - "DFRPG 2_14 - Delivery - London Sees the Light" is up!

The battle of Hanna Theatre get's complicated as three sides via for the clues that Ryan Nelson may or may not have..

It looks to be a tough fights..
Will the characters survive?
Will the Hanna Theatre survive?
Will London ever find a good radio station to listen to?

Actual Play starts at 1:00

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Episode #75 - "DFRPG 2_13 - Delivery - Life is a Stage" is up!

London has a tracking spell working on Big Bill's locaiton. A quick side trip to the Hanna Theatre can't take long.. can it?

Actual Play starts at 07:02

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Episode #74 - "DFRPG 2_12 - Delivery - Capeesh" is up!

The group scatters in different directions looking for understanding of the clues they’ve collected so far. London and Allan attempt to track down the missing Warden.

Roberto and Maxwell head off to handle Roberto’s… problem.

While Edmund starts investigating and making a few calls..

actual play starts at 10:11