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Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Episode #282 - DFRPG - Can I Exorcise People With A Hammer

Demon infestations are getting worse. Roberto is wondering if he needs more power.. The other trio is busy recovering from a night of mischief, but there is never time for rest.

Actual Play begins 13:32

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  1. I personally never have any issue with drifting the rules when it is done for stylistic or personal choice fully-knowing the rules. And that I think is something good for your listenership to hear, that it's okay to alter the rules to suit you needs but good to know the base the rules came from because the game designers probably spent longer testing it than you did.

    My original point was more that London seemed saddled with what the rules consider an extra cost at no benefit to himself (not that he could take that benefit, I'm pretty sure you can't normally reduce the cost of a power to -0 like that) when he already has some limitations applied (The narrative of the ring, should have an aspect tied to it, and the wording of the Seemings trapping), but I also understand you're not running DFRPG "straight out of the book" anymore. If that's your game, that's your game.

    Plus as much as it's not London's style to just throw illusions around like free candy, I feel like it might not be to the style of the game to have him stop to bargain with every ally he decides to disguise.