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Current Campaign: "Blades in the Dark - Machination"

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Episode #281 Middle Manager London

The big guns are elsewhere and the trio of intrepid adventurers decide that they can do this on their own.

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  1. Something that's bothered me off-and-on through the Dresden games is London taking stress to use his Glamours power. Unlike Seelie/Unseelie magic, there's no reference to these related to normal spellcasting. And given how they normally work, there's no reason to assume they have any cost just like any other creature features or minor powers. This is supported in the Paranet Papers, as there is actually a traditional spellcaster statted who also has Glamours, but with a qualifier of a Spell (+1) quality, this discounts the cost of the Glamours power at the cost of requiring the power to be used with normal spellcasting rules. Otherwise it's kind of just a supernatural stunt which lets you apply Discipline or Deceit to do something supernatural.

    Since I'm fairly certain London doesn't have this quality applied, it follows that he really shouldn't be taking mental stress to use Glamours. He already has a narrative hitch in his ability to use this power, as unless I'm wildly mistaken, it's attached to Item of Power for (+1) refresh cost. This means he can't use the power if he doesn't have his ring, and RAW he needs an Aspect tied to the item of power, which could be compelled to cause complications (Such as if faerie magic, accidentally coming into contact with something iron causing the whole illusion to fall apart). If there's concerns with how frequently London employs his glamours, I would say then to apply more strict reading of the Seemings quality itself - "is—usually this is personal, but it may be used on other objects and people if they belong to you or have entered a pact with you." - p. 166 YS

    (Sorry for a long rant, just been double-dipping both staying current with Passages and re-listening to Delivery, so it's been bothering me at both ends because even if it's called "Faerie Magic", Glamours/Greater Glamours don't cross reference spellcasting at all).