Current Blades in the Dark - Machination

Current Campaign: "Blades in the Dark - Machination"

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Episode #199 - I Need a Lemon

The party is split, but this time, not because they want to be. Seems 1930 is going to be a little more accommodating to some members than others.

Actual Play begin 20:15

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  1. Alright, I've gone through all the DFRPG APs, I just finished listening to Dungeon World today, I've started on Numenera, and I downloaded the rest of the WoD games (I only had the first ten, so far so good). I'll be caught up soon...

    I'm noticing the audio quality and editing of later episodes get better as it goes along. Tom I'm expecting perfection by the time I reach this episode. Don't let me down again.

    I came for the Dresden games, looking for strengths and weaknesses of the Fate system, for a campaign setting I'm working on. The removal of the rules discussion was a bit of a downer, because I had been looking for APs of Fate games for that specific reason. Your editing removed what I was listening for. Still well worth the listen for pure entertainment purposes, and there are still general roleplaying pointers especially for social gamers. I heard other listeners in the feedback talking about the other games so I had to give them a listen too.

    Happy Halloween Knights, and I'd love to see a one-shot episode of Monsters and Other Childish Things or something with the Knights as Trick-Or-Treaters sometime. How long would it take to get some candy if they have to deal with a DOOR to get each piece?