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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Episode #197 - No Signal or I also Bleed

Out of the frying pan.. I don't think we can even see the frying pan anymore. Something is different... very different.

Actual Play starts 6:51

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  1. I hate that my first comment is going to be a negative one but shit happens.

    I would like first say that I loved Zelda as well as Rachel's contribution to the group. That said, I never thought I'd have a /least/ favorite Knights of the Night character. I find myself kind of wishing someone would just leave Silverbell by the side of the road and drive on without her.

    This is possibly due to my own gaming experience. I absolutely hate it when a character introduced into an existing group becomes the focus right out of the gate. Even more so I hate it when a new player in an existing campaign gets antagonistic right off the bat. It makes it hard to stay in character. You have to decide if you want to ignore how your character would actually react to that character or let the session degrade into a bunch of infighting and possibly dead PCs.

    It also rubs me the wrong way that she at least appears to be effective and semi-powerful (Threatening the Squatch and then the hijinks with the wreck) while the highly trained squad of Hunter-peeps appear to be as effective as a wet mop. (I'm looking at you Tony and Sister Lady)

    This episode left me wondering why Jay would put up with Silverbell, who is, at least visibly, just a teenage girl that may have put him and his crew in danger and is being uncooperative.

    When she refused to let them inspect her pocket-watch I expected at least one of them to just /take/ it and still don't know why that didn't happen.

    Then at the end when she said: "With all due respect, I'm not a part of your squad." I really wanted Jay's next line to be: "Well then that makes you our prisoner." Then drop the mic.

    Again, hate to because I like Rachel and hopefully Silverbell will grow on me. For now, though, I'll continue to hope she gets left in the woods to be all badass by herself.

    Thanks for the show guys!