Current Blades in the Dark - Machination

Current Campaign: "Blades in the Dark - Machination"


Shit Luck

  1. KOTN AP 01: Shit Luck: Ep. 01 &; 02: "Recap of Lost Episodes"
  2. KOTN AP 02: Shit Luck: Ep. 03: "Hospital Visit"
  3. KOTN AP 03: Shit Luck: Ep. 04: "Great Lakes"
  4. KOTN AP 04: Shit Luck: Ep. 05: "Investigating The Enemy"
  5. KOTN AP 05: Shit Luck: Ep. 06: "The Hidden War Council"
  6. KOTN AP 06: Shit Luck: Ep. 07: "On Your Mark, Get Set, Wait!"
  7. KOTN AP 07: Shit Luck: Ep. 08: "The Curiously Strange Mr. Benjamin"
  8. KOTN AP 08: Shit Luck: Ep. 09: "Wrap Up and Discussion"
  9. KOTN AP 09: Shit Luck: Ep. 10: "Is that Your Phone or Mine?"
  10. KOTN AP 10: Shit Luck: Ep. 11: "Mad Hacker"
  11. KOTN AP 11: Shit Luck: Ep. 12: "Big Momma Hobson"
  12. KOTN AP 12: Shit Luck: Ep. 13: "Carbon Copy"
  13. KOTN AP 13: Shit Luck: Ep. 14: "Who Brings a Werewolf to a Gun Fight?"
  14. KOTN AP 14: Shit Luck: Ep. 15: "Let the Bodies Hit the Floor"
  15. KOTN AP 15: Shit Luck: Ep. 16: "Triage"
  16. KOTN AP 16: Shit Luck: Ep. 17: "Why am I on Dead Body Detail?"
  17. KOTN AP 17: Shit Luck: Ep. 18: "I got this.. I got this!"
  18. KOTN AP 18: Shit Luck: Ep. 19: "Big Bang Theory"
  19. KOTN AP 19: Shit Luck: Ep. 20: "Four S.I.R.E.N for Sister Katie"
  20. KOTN AP 20: Shit Luck: Ep. 21: "Rites and Wrongs"
  21. KOTN AP 21: Shit Luck: Ep. 22: "Shelter From the Storm"
  22. KOTN AP 22: Shit Luck: Ep. 23: "Arti-Facts"
  23. KOTN AP 23: Shit Luck: Ep. 24: "No Means No Woman!"
  24. KOTN AP 24: Shit Luck: Ep. 25: "Bad Karma"
  25. KOTN AP 25: Shit Luck: Ep. 26: "Clean up in Aisle 2"
  26. KOTN AP 26: Shit Luck: Ep. 27: "The Beast Within"
  27. KOTN AP 27: Shit Luck: Ep. 28: "Grim Passage"
  28. KOTN AP 28: Shit Luck: Ep. 29: "Conundrum"
  29. KOTN AP 29: Shit Luck: Ep. 30: "Bad Education"
  30. KOTN AP 30: Shit Luck: Ep. 31: "A Drop of Blood"
  31. KOTN AP 31: Shit Luck: Ep. 32: "The Cost of Friendship"
  32. KOTN AP 32: Shit Luck: Ep. 33: "The Infection of Dissension"
  33. KOTN AP 33: Shit Luck: Ep. 34: "Payment Due"
  34. KOTN AP 34: Shit Luck: Ep. 35: "Get Him to the Greek!"
  35. KOTN AP 35: Shit Luck: Ep. 36: "Congregation"
  36. KOTN AP 36: Shit Luck: Ep. 37: "Inner Voices"
  37. KOTN AP 37: Shit Luck: Ep. 38: "Help from Beyond"
  38. KOTN AP 38: Shit Luck: Ep. 39: "Arranged or Deranged?"
  39. KOTN AP 39: Shit Luck: Ep. 40: "Answers"
  40. KOTN AP 40: Shit Luck: Ep. 41: "Paperwork"
  41. KOTN AP 41: Shit Luck: Ep. 42: "Once More Into the Bees, My Friends"
  42. KOTN AP 42: Shit Luck: Ep. 43: "Strategic Retreat"
  43. KOTN AP 43: Shit Luck: Ep. 44: "Grand Theft Bee"
  44. KOTN AP 44: Shit Luck: Ep. 45: "Battle Plans"
  45. KOTN AP 45: Shit Luck: Ep. 46: "Tweeks"
  46. KOTN AP 46: Shit Luck: Ep. 47: "Once Stung, Twice Shy"
  47. KOTN AP 47: Shit Luck: Ep. 48: "GO Time"
  48. KOTN AP 48: Shit Luck: Ep. 49: "Visit with the Queen"
  49. KOTN AP 49: Shit Luck: Ep. 50: "Up in Flames"
  50. KOTN AP 50: Shit Luck: Ep. 51: "Review and Comments"


  1. KOTN AP 102: Chagrin: Ep. 01: "En Medias Res'"
  2. KOTN AP 103: Chagrin: Ep. 02: "Leatherman 101"
  3. KOTN AP 104: Chagrin: Ep. 03: "First Contact"
  4. KOTN AP 105: Chagrin: Ep. 04: "Chaos"
  5. KOTN AP 106: Chagrin: Ep. 05: "The Scent of Fear"
  6. KOTN AP 107: Chagrin: Ep. 06: "Bloody Knowledge"
  7. KOTN AP 108: Chagrin: Ep. 07: "S.I.R.E.N. Strikes Back
  8. KOTN AP 109: Chagrin: Ep. 08: "Wounds"
  9. KOTN AP 110: Chagrin: Ep. 09: "Shit Just Got Real"
  10. KOTN AP 111: Chagrin: Ep. 10: "Trailer Trash"
  11. KOTN AP 112: Chagrin: Ep. 11: "Stick a Needle in your Eye"
  12. KOTN AP 113: Chagrin: Ep. 12: "Fighting Irish"
  13. KOTN AP 114: Chagrin: Ep. 13: "Into the Fire"
  14. KOTN AP 115: Chagrin Ep. 14: "Can We Stop Making Zombies Please"
  15. KOTN AP 116: Chagrin Ep. 15: "Don't Be Afraid or the Demons Will Eat Your Soul"
  16. KOTN AP 117: Chagrin Ep. 16: "Vignettes"
  17. KOTN AP 118: Chagrin Ep. 17: "A Christmas Carol in July"
  18. KOTN AP 119: Chagrin Ep. 18: "Visiting the Past"
  19. KOTN AP 120: Chagrin Ep 19: "The Museum"
  20. KOTN AP 121: Chagrin Ep 20 "Recon and Relics"
  21. KOTN AP 122: Chagrin Ep 21 "Collateral Damage"
  22. KOTN AP 123: Chagrin Ep 22 "At Long Last"
  23. KOTN AP 124: Chagrin Ep 23 "Hand to Hand"
  24. KOTN AP 125: Chagrin Ep 24 "A Shot in the Dark"
  25. KOTN AP 126: Chagrin Ep 25 "The Sins of our Fathers"
  26. KOTN AP 127: Chagrin EP 26 "Anticipation" 
  27. KOTN AP 128: Chagrin EP 27 "Silver Bell"
  28. KOTN AP 129: Chagrin EP 28 "Blood"
  29. KOTN AP 130: Chagrin EP 29 "Into the Fray"
  30. KOTN AP 131: Chagrin EP 30 "Too Little, Too Late"
  31. KOTN AP 132: Chagrin EP 31 "Riposte"
  32. KOTN AP 133: Chagrin EP 32 Fin'
  33. KOTN AP 134: Chagrin - Player Wrap Up
  34. KOTN AP 135: Chagrin - Listener Questions.

WoD 3 - The Sin Eater

  1. KOTN_AP 193: God Machine Chronicles Rebuild
  2. KOTN AP 194: The Long Way Home
  3. KOTN AP 195: It's Called a Dramatic Failure
  4. KOTN AP 196: I Got This (Part 2)
  5. KOTN AP 197: No Signal or I also Bleed
  6. KOTN AP 198: Let's Not Forget the Head.
  7. KOTN AP 199: I Need a Lemon
  8. KOTN AP 200: Children in Peril
  9. KOTN AP 201: Satan Did it Better
  10. KOTN AP 202: Bee People
  11. KOTN AP 203: Tainted Nun
  12. KOTN AP 204:Two of Those People are Dogs
  13. KOTN AP 205: It Went OK in Chagrin
  14. KOTN AP 206: 1-800-Kai_Doru
  15. KOTN AP 207: Lemon Tease 
  16. KOTN AP 208: In God We Trust
  17. KOTN AP 209: Mystical Realm of Bullshit Mirrors
  18. KOTN AP 210: Bandelier of Useless Bullshit
  19. KOTN AP 211: Unhand Me Good Sir!
  20. KOTN AP 212: Which I believe is Pimp
  21. KOTN AP 213: Breaking points are bad?
  22. KOTN AP 214: I'm High as Several Kites
  23. KOTN AP 215: How Dare you Sir!
  24. KOTN AP 216: Mr. Dr. Clay OR There is no Door
  25. KOTN AP 217: Go With Grace
  26. KOTN AP 218: See How Information is Useful?
  27. KOTN AP 219: Kicked in the Jimmy
  28. KOTN AP 220: True Old Gods
  29. KOTN AP 221: Witch Busters
  30. KOTN AP 222: Don't Open This Door
  31. KOTN AP 223 Your Face Will Attest
  32. KOTN AP 224 Invoking My Birthday 
  33. KOTN AP 225 Think Talkie Thoughts
  34. KOTN AP 226 Oh, But I DO Mind
  35. KOTN AP 228 Killed That Kid Good, Boss
  36. KOTN AP 229: Standard Ghost Door
  37. KOTN AP 230: The Knife is Pissed
  38. KOTN AP 231: Cheaty Cheater Pants
  39. KOTN AP 232: Hell is a Land without Marbles
  40. KOTN AP 233: The Gun was Persuasive
  41. KOTN AP 234: See You in 80 Years
  42. KOTN AP 235: Sin Eater Wrap Up OR That Pesky 4th Dimension


  1. I just finished your Dresden game Delivery podcast. I love the chemistry the players had and it gave me more confidence to run my 2nd attempt at a Dresden game. Thank you. I know you did some "bloopers"/"funny moments" at the end of the pod casts. Have you considered after your round table pod casts of doing a "gag" reel in the future? I can just imagine the hilarity that gets edited out of your games. I'm looking forward to listening to how your group handles Hunter! <3 you all!

  2. Hey guys, enjoyed listening to the latest campaign. Would have to agree that it wasn't as strong as Shit Luck overall, but it was still enjoyable hearing the story progress and learning more about the characters.

    This may have already been addressed, but where do you guys stand on incorporating the God-Machine Chronicles updates? It shouldn't be all that hard to incorporate into Hunter, and would definitely change some dot distributions for some characters (Chu in particular, since his 'powers' are now a general merit.)

    Looking forward to hearing what's next for all of you.

  3. These sessions, as I honestly tried to listen, are well edited. However, I just cannot embrace the fact that Storyteller speaks three times more than all of the Players combined. Also, you give away too much details and extremely unnecessary stuff. Like with standing on Benjamin's doorstep... It was enough to say "You don't hear anything form behind the door." Period. Why are you babbling about how the sounds cannot be heard from where they are standing, something like that, from within the house, etc. My gosh. It seems like Players have minimal influence on the events, as you, Storyteller, make it feel like a book reading. So sorry I cannot diges KotN's WoD sessions.

  4. So I just recently (in the last month or so) came across your podcast. I started from the beginning of Shit Luck because I'm a WoD fan who just started running a Vampire: Requiem game again. I was so engrossed that I finished that and skipped Delivery and went on to Chagrin, which I have finished as well. (Don't worry, I plan to go back and listen to Delivery before moving forward.) The game is excellent. The players mesh well and even the tangents and jokes are worth hearing. The editing and sound effects add to the ambiance, but are unnecessary as the Shit Luck tale shows. The length of the podcasts are great, and I wouldn't want longer. If you do, nothing is stopping you from listening to two at once. ;) Keep the good times coming and looking forward to the Dresden Files stories. No spoilers please.

  5. So finally caught up to the most recent episode ( a hell of a slog). and it seems like you all are missing an obvious part of the bad guys M.O. plus who laid the western union trap cause that bastard was clearly summoned there.

  6. Hi guys, long time listener, first time poster. What is with the Scott hate the last few episodes? Scott did you kick someone's puppy or something? You're doing horror right buddy. Just thought I'd give you some support since its seemed to me that almost everywhere I see your name mentioned its something about not liking you. Keep giving -3 dice for darkness, love ya Scott <3.

    Anyway, loving Sin-Eater so far and unlike a lot of people, with all the Silver Bell hate, I'm loving Grace. She makes the party uncomfortable and nervous, which makes for extremely good and awkward (but in a good way) roleplaying. I love in the last episode when she's pushing for action (which I'm like YAY we won't be stuck at a door for 4 episodes!) and Michael Clay is just like "But, but, but, but". It's probably one of my favorite moments of just arguing at the table.

    Keep your Leatherman's frosty, and keep up with the good work.

    P.S. If this somehow gets in one of the actual plays, have Mike read this please, since Michael Clay is my favorite member of the base group.

  7. I just wanted to say thank you for being my driving companion for the past year. Your group’s antics and compelling story telling has kept me awake and make the hours pass quickly as I drive from Iowa to Maryland (roughly 16hrs straight, ahh to be young).

  8. Agree with the sentiment. I listen at work while I'm drafting for 9 hour days. Love that I can have a quality gaming podcast to listen to, with great production values.

    I'm on the West Coast, but I hope I can get to one of the cons you guys attend, and game with you.

  9. [Comment from Arcaile]:

    Congratulations to KOTN on the completion of the Sin Eater Campaign! I began listening to your group's full archive in April 2014 to fill the void after the World of Darkness MMORPG game was sadly cancelled, and I have to compliment Scott with much acclaim on the way that fascinating library research and bizarre metaphysical peril is regularly woven throughout his stories in an adept and addictive manner (as well as the care by KOTN put in to the performance and great editing of the Dresden, Dungeon World, and Numenera stories).

    I feel like many of the commenters to The Knights regularly criticize campaign pacing and as-yet-uncovered motivations, but in my opinion that is the price one pays for allowing player-characters the freedom to make their own attentional focus and decisions in driving the story's ultimate path.

    My favorite scene in the entirety of "The Sin Eater" was Edgard, Jay, and Chu's escape from the realm of the fairies with simultaneous help from the real-world, in "Part 20: Which I believe is Pimp" since the locus of conflict in The Hedge was most focused upon the dangers of the external environment more than interpersonal conflict over a very secretive and potentially dangerous stranger/ally, well played realistically and cryptically by Rachel, immune to all interrogation and turtleneck scrutiny, and less easily classified or labeled in the imagination of associates than a rogue Hobo-Werewolf, who as a partner was clearly and un-mysteriously both a Hobo and a Werewolf. Each player trapped in The Hedge was able to dig into the history and personality of their characters to give a deep and complex background breadth to their current thought-space, and to the intricacies of the wider system of Voudoun as it existed in the story (much as sister Katie O'Connor always has a lot of personality and pluck infused by Jim into her scenes, which I will always look forward to hearing more of). I wanted to see Ethan Clark and Daniel struggle more deeply with their convictions and addictions and personal demons, but I think that both the flow of the story as it unfolded and their prudent gameplay kept them largely out of trouble for the most part (and The Bishop as well was another character with more complications to probably learn of in future segments).

    My favorite comment in the entire campaign was Mike's discussion of worldcraft and storytelling on how evil and sinister characters do not eat their breakfast in an evil and sinister manner, since I see this as a very common problem in modern lore-building in books, comics, film, and videogames, and my least favorite comment in the entire campaign was also from Mike, since I live in Iowa, which according to him stands for "Idiots Out Wandering Around". You indeed have fans in Iowa! I still cheered Mike as he brought out The Subtle Knife. =)

    My best to everyone, and keep up the good work. I am a poor student with scientific research commitments so I cannot be a Patreon supporter or AmazonSmile funder, but I encourage all others to donate what they can, and I will continue to spread the word to friends about your program. If future hypothetical game systems do not work out for you guys, I also recommend the "Better Angels" system as performed in serial by the ragNERDrock podcast ( ), since I think that you would all have a lot of fun with it.

    Night night, Night Knights!