Current Blades in the Dark - Machination

Current Campaign: "Blades in the Dark - Machination"


Jay Alton (character sheet)
Conspiracy: Ascending Ones, Task Force: S.I.R.E.N.
History:  A veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom, the majority of his service record remains highly classified. He is presently serving a special detail in the States under the direction of Winston Tate. Jay is an expert in sniper weapons, covert ops, and specialized combat tactics.

Michael Clay (character sheet)
Conspiracy: Aegis Kai Doru (Order of the Scroll), Task Force: S.I.R.E.N.
History: An academic accustomed to research and reading field reports, this is Michael's first time out in the "front lines". While he has never faced the hidden forces in person, his knowledge of the dangers is extensive. However, he realizes that he may not be cut out for field ops just yet...

John Beamer (character sheet)
Conspiracy: The Cheiron Group, Task Force: S.I.R.E.N.
History: An ex-factory worker / welder from Youngstown, Ohio, John is a self-proclaimed "blue collar worker", John has the oldest motivation in the world: he's in it for the money. His employers are very interested in getting exotic samples or specimens from the field to extend their research into esoteric biology and physics and John is ready to get his hands dirty.

Sister Katie O'Connor (character sheet)
Conspiracy: Malleus Maleficarum, Task Force: S.I.R.E.N.
History: Sister Katie has recently joined the team in the wake of Tony's body check with death. Sister Katie is a crack shot with handguns, drives a hot rod like Steve McQueen, and loves dogs.

Tony Bonadio (character sheet)
Conspiracy: The Cheiron Group, Task Force: S.I.R.E.N.
History:  Having served several tours in Iraq and Afghanistan as a corpsman, he was honorably discharged due to injuries sustained from an IED. Tony is particularly skilled in navigating difficult terrain and is an expert in small unit logistics, stealth, and camouflage.

Status Update: As of Ep. #19, Tony Bonadio is off the team due to his injuries.

Chu Park (character sheet)
Conspiracy: VASCU (Vanguard Serial Crimes Unit), Task Force: S.I.R.E.N.
History:  A newly minted agent for VASCU, Chu has demonstrated an extraordinary talent for profiling targets, discerning their weakness, methods, and patterns from very limited forensic evidence. His investigative skills have helped authorities apprehend some of the most notorious (and several "unofficial") serial killers.

Dr. Lucius Myles (character sheet)
Conspiracy: The Cheiron Group, Task Force: S.I.R.E.N.
History:  Currently the Head of Emergency Care at Lutheran General Hospital in Cleveland, Ohio. An accomplished medical practitioner, he is charming and a polished socialite. Dr. Myles is also an avowed skeptic and is prone to recklessness, carousing, and expensive appetites.


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