Current Blades in the Dark - Machination

Current Campaign: "Blades in the Dark - Machination"


Excerpts from the Book of Eshmun can be found here 
  1. KOTN AP 147 Numenera 1 "World Creation"
  2. KOTN AP 148 Numenera 2 "Serenity"
  3. KOTN AP 149 Numenera 3 "Man Behind the Curtain"
  4. KOTN AP 150 Numenera 4 "Freedom - Sort of"
  5. KOTN AP 151 Numenera 5 "One Small Problem"
  6. KOTN AP 152 Numenera 6 "All Tied Up"
  7. KOTN AP 153 Numenera 7 "An Evening with Teela"
  8. KOTN AP 154 Numenera 8 "Sometimes an Obelisk is just an Obelisk"
  9. KOTN AP 155 Numenera 9 "Circle the Wagons"
  10. KOTN AP 156 Numenera 10 "Mental Intrusion"
  11. KOTN AP 157 Numenera 11 "Feedback Loop"
  12. KOTN AP 158 Numenera 12 "Christmas in the Desert"
  13. KOTN AP 159 Numenera 13 "The Other"
  14. KOTN AP 160 Numenera 14 "Teela 2"
  15. KOTN AP 161 Numenera 15 Quam Shards
  16. KOTN AP 162 Numenera 16 Take Me Home
  17. KOTN AP 163 Numenera 17 Surrender
  18. KOTN AP 164 Numenera 18 System Review
  19. KOTN AP 165 Numenera 19 Listeners Questions


  1. So far Numenera rocks! Can't wait to see more of this amazing world. It seems like a feast for the GM, he's really been killing it with these descriptions and it gives the game a fascinating edge. You never know what you'll see next. Keep up the great work!

    Logan, new fan

  2. I know I'm very late on finding out about this podcast and listening to it (thanks to GM Intrusions, but I must say it's really good (right now, I'm through a third of it), even though I don't get everything (I understand 80-90% of it) as english is not my mothertongue, and/or some references fall short on me.
    One question : is there any plan of putting this adventure to paper/PDF, so that other GM could run it ?
    For what I've heard already, I would pay for it, if it's nicely formatted.

  3. An interesting Numinera mechanic if staying with the d-20 system might be to have X number of collected failures at attempted tasks charge up an automatic cast of a thematically appropriate "ultimate ability", or buff the power or accuracy of an existing ability that was preselected during character creation. Through the narrative, these might be explained as some sort of "Beserk Points" where the characters have growing rage or desperation up until a breaking point where they unleash their true potential, thus demonstrating that said characters are indeed "good at what they are supposed to be good at", while also making it less immediately critical to constantly spend away EXP points (although offering an interesting choice-architecture variation in that sometimes players might be tempted to reroll hoping to get a failure, ie. "I dare this stupid lock not to open for me! This is the LAST STRAW!" Thanks for the interesting episodes! - Es

    1. There are plenty of mechanics already included that can assist with making skill rolls without having a 'berserk' mechanic.

      Effort, Edge, Assisting, trained/specialized skill, and more.

  4. HAH I just listened to episode 157...I totally agree with your d20Hate. That's why I'm using 2d10 when running it.

  5. Hi, first time listener here. I listened to episodes 147 to 151 in one go. I love the the work of the GM, Serenity sounds beautiful, nice descriptive style. I must confess I am a bit put off by some of the players. I get it is a large party but the act very slowly, they don't really convey a lot of the PCs personalities. It's more or less a mess.
    Maybe a smaller party would be more suited for this campaign (or Numenera in general?)
    Anyway, I don't want to be too negative, thanks for sharing your campaign. And I will listen to more episodes to see how your adventure develops.

  6. I previously criticized you for not conveying a lot of the PCs personalities. I might have even used the word mess. Yeah, I was wrong.

    I enjoyed the adventure a lot, keep'em coming.

  7. Been watching the Shannara Chronicles. It's like a live action Numenera game!