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Kotn Plays - D&D 5e "The Heretic"

DND 5e

DnD - Ember's Reach 
The Heretic

DND Fifth Edition - Heart of Fire

  1. 237 - World Building
  2. 238 - Fondly Tolerated
  3. 239 - Pope of Rocks
  4. 240 - Weapon Maintenance is its own Prayer
  5. 241 - Bury The Lead
  6. 242 - These Magely Hands
  7. 243 - Divine Smitted His Ass
  8. 244 - Eyebrows Grow Back
  9. 245 - Is that how you wake a Dwarf?
  10. 247 - Kinder Gentler DM
  11. 248 - Gonna Fight it from the Insdie
  12. 249 - She Doesn't Have a Beard
  13. 251 - Question my Dwarfdom?
  14. 252 - Your Thighs Enhance with Magic
  15. 253 - Really Good Death Rattle
  16. 254 - Bru Ha Ha
  17. 255 - I Want Disadvantage
  18. 256 - Questions and Answers 

DnD - Eberron - Black Frost


  1. I seriously could write a multi-page comment on this, but will try to be as succinct as possible.

    I found this site looking for 5E podcasts (I only listen to D&D Actual Play). It is one of the best "crunchy" (new term for me) podcasts around (production value, focus, storytelling, character play). To my dismay, I find that these players are not D & D only/preferred players and the continuation of this world is unlikely.

    Having said that, it has encouraged me to listen to their other game plays. It was difficult at first, I listen to D&D podcasts because it's easy for me to fall into the worlds, due to my knowledge of the rules and mechanics of the game. I can't listen at work, because, unlike a lot of 4e podcasts, I can't zone out during battles to actually work and need to pay attention to everything or I get quickly lost.

    I am trying and the podcasts themselves are great. I do find myself, especially during the first few episodes, struggling with the mechanics of the game if it is new to me.

    Thanks guys for opening me up to new RPG game types,

  2. I'm listening to these, and I have some likes and dislikes. Some good creativity and theme with the game so far, and the effects are kinda nice I guess, I just don't see why there's non actual play at the beginning so often.

  3. I enjoyed this one quite a bit. Shame it's over :(