Current Blades in the Dark - Machination

Current Campaign: "Blades in the Dark - Machination"

Dungeon World

Dungeon World (GM: Tom)

This adventure is KOTN's try Dungeon World RPG. (136 and 137 released out of order - sorry)
  1. KOTN AP 137: DW 0 "World Creation"
  2. KOTN AP 136: DW 1 "Journey's Beginning"
  3. KOTN AP 138 DW 2 "Dimps"
  4. KOTN AP 139 DW 3 "Shitting on the Mona Lisa"
  5. KOTN AP 140 DW 4 "Yo, yo, yo DWARF!"
  6. KOTN AP 141 DW 5 "They Asked Me to Stop"
  7. KOTN AP 142 DW 6 "Cricket Dome"
  8. KOTN AP 143 DW 7 "It's Not Not to Fight"
  9. KOTN AP 144 DW 8 "Resisting the Empire"
  10. KOTN AP 145 DW 9 "Burn it, Burn it All"
  11. KOTN AP 146 DW 10 "Dungeon World Discussion"


  1. TLDR: Great podcast compelling story and excellent players makes listening to games you don't even like enjoyable.

    So at the beginning of August I stumbled upon your podcast when I was looking for a Dungeon World actual play. I was thoroughly entertained so I looked at some of your past campaigns. Not being a fan of WoD or Dresden RPGs/Settings I almost skipped them entirely in favor of looking for something else to while away the hours at work.

    Instead I put on the first podcast of "Shit Luck" and one thing led to another and I felt like I had a found a compelling story to follow.

    So props to Scott and the gang for writing and playing a thrilling campaign that kept me entertained and coming back for more.

    I approached Dresden with a little less trepidation after enjoying the WoD game. Tom is doing an equally great job of providing an interesting and thrilling game.

    As has been mentioned before yours is a game table at which I would be happy to sit at. Perhaps its listening to 80+ episodes since the start of August but I feel like I know you guys. The stories are great and the actual play is fantastic. I enjoy the inside jokes, humor and the occasional puns the most. Its the table-talk and shared camaraderie between friends that I identify with the most. There have been several situations that have left me laughing out loud at my desk with several co-workers giving me strange looks

    So Keep up the good work.

    Now since I have taken the time to sing your praise let me add a few suggestions or thoughts.
    And keep in mind that while I have listened to the Dungeon World episodes, in my quest to get caught up I am still on episode 78 so maybe you have addressed them.

    If you have a hyper-sensitive microphone that as Michael says "can pick up cellular mitosis" perhaps you should not be eating at the table where every chomped chip is preserved with excellent audio fidelity.

    hmm actually I think that's my only gripe.

    Oh yeah so I was happy to listen to your stories and exploits anonymously until in episode 78 Tom (I think) selected a track from Aphex Twin's Selected Ambient Works album. One of my all time favorites so I was compelled to tip my hat. Excellent sound effects and music selection really adds to the game.

    Probably should stop rambling on now.

  2. Oh yeah one more thing I forgot. I first stumbled across your podcast in the Podcast archive on RPGGeek.

  3. After starting on your Numenera game, I just started listening to Dungeon World yesterday. Maybe "mainlining" is more the word. I'm really enjoying this game too, although it is a little bit difficult to follow at times because of the number of both players and PCs.

    Spot suggestion: something I picked up from the Icosahedrophilia podcast is the idea of having a crew roster at the start of every session, where the player announces their name, their character's name and enough about the character to identify them. They also have the large group issue you guys do. It's really helpful having, say, "my name's Bob and I play Gravadlax, a dwarf fighter with a wooden leg" or whatever.

    Lots of fun in the campaign so far. I just got up to the demon-in-the-tunnel segment at 56 mins into ep 139, and for about 30 seconds I thought... whoever it is with Simon-Vir and the spear of truth?.. (see above) ... anyway, when the spear was embedded in the demon, I was convinced the exchange went:
    "you have a spear jammed into a demon who is kinda holding onto it"
    "I guess I am going to try to use it just like a lover. I'm just gonna put my weight onto it and really going to try to split his ribs open."

    Cue some serious confusion while I tried to work out the kama sutra there.

  4. did I forget that you already do the introductions thing...? After listening to four episodes in quick succession? I guess I'm just forgetting the introductions while you do the recaps, which speaks wonders for my memory. Sorry!