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Thursday, August 18, 2016

Episode #287 DFRPG - First World Problem Looking Dude

Sorry about the quality on this one - the ocean is loud and this was recorded while at the beach in NC with the family.
Staring two young, up and coming role players. !

Actual Play starts 21:47

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  1. I enjoyed this one shot immensely. Both of the new players did very well melding their archetypes to their concepts. Tom excellent story I already knew the easel in distress was no damsel. Great story....Rocket

  2. Love this use of the richly defined, Dresden-verse Cleveland setting for side stories. It is quite fun to think about how this scene integrates with the larger story. Even with the large player group that Tom handles on a regular basis, it is sometimes easy to forget that there are hundreds of thousands of people going about their daily lives all around the party's desperate scramble to avert calamity.

    During the feedback, you discussed how you previous modeled D&D characters to represent yourselves. Loved the rigorous and scientific approach to assessing your physical and mental attributes. My gaming group has been spread to the four winds though we have been striving to satiate our roleplaying addiction through Messenger-based Dresden campaigns. Our first adventure was to build a Dresden-likeness of ourselves in 2009 when we all worked at a small town Iowa movie theater together. We were refresh 2 pure mortals tossed into the teeth of a budding crisis in our hometown of Waverly. The curtain opens to each of our avatars receiving a Facebook message from the GM's past self stating simply that we are to meet after hours in the theater lobby. We arrive and swap small talk before hearing sounds emanating from the screen 1. We find no sign of anyone but something begins to play on the digital projector. The GM recorded a webcam movie of himself delivering dire news of his avatar's abduction. He tells us that all the fairy tales of monsters and magic ring with truth and urges us to come to his aid (captive in Nevernever). Our characters respond with incredulity at first but when a police officer arrives things take a twist. He is unmasked as a werewolf...

    I've gone on long enough for now but I thought it was a relevant to your comments about RP as yourself. Also, I wanted to reach out to hear if others have tried play-by-text formats. It has been an absolute blast. Facebook messenger has allowed for easy, on-the-go access for when we have minute to push the story along. We post pictures, street maps, video clips, and other narrative aids. There are certainly some limitations and scenes can draw out when people aren't available, but there have honestly been more positives than negatives. It has certainly been preferable to a cessation of our group's gaming. Finding time to make even virtual tabletops or skype sessions viable with 4-6 functioning adults is a great struggle as you can certainly attest. This was our alternative and I'd say its brought us even closer together.

    My apologies for the lengthy exposition. Keep up your superb work. I'm always eager to hear more from a group that sets such a high bar for AP and podcasting in-general.