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Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Episode # 259 - Clockwork Dominion - Darwin Warned About

Episode #259 - Darwin Warned Us About You!
The Final Episode of the Clockwork Dominion Adventure. Thank you Zeke from running the game for us. Hope you had at least half as much fun as we did!

Actual Play begin Immediately

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  1. Hi, guys. I'm relatively new to your podcast. I started off with Numenera (becuase I've just started playing in Nint World campaign), continued with 5e and then went back to the beginning with Sh*t Luck.

    I'm greatly enjoying it, especially the way that you are clearly having fun but still somehow manage to stay in character and take the scenario seriously.

    That said, and maybe I'm mistaken, but you didn't seem to be enjoying yourselves as much with Clockwork Dominion or engaging quite so well with the story. Was it, I wonder, because you were all new to the system, to steampunk in general and/or had an outside DM? I can't wait for your wrap-up episode to see if my impresson was right.

    Anyhow, it didn't stop me enjoying the episodes and I look forward to your in-house CD campaign at a later date.