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Thursday, December 31, 2015

Episode #255 - I Want Disadvantage

The end of the Heart of Flame adventure. Still time to get in some questions to the players and the DM.

Enjoy and Happy New Year!

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  1. [Comment from Arcaile]

    Heart of Flame is better than the fourteen other D&D podcasts I have fully listened through.

    I think key to this is a lack of annoying or stupid segments.

    Being a KOTN fan is like listening to a well-performed Stradivarius. The players and D.M. are masters of roleplaying, and the editing is wonderful. The group has valuable experience running games together, and respect for each other's habits and opinions. Also everyone looks to have fun.

    Mike is probably expecting criticism from me based on a previous post I made after Sin Eater, so I will say that, in my view, the worst part of the campaign was when everyone got sick. You guys need to learn to wash your hands more thoroughly! I suggest trying to use the sleeves of your jackets to manipulate public handles or doorknobs during cold and flu season.

    Storylines revolving around dwarves and dragons will invariably be compared with The Hobbit, and I think that KOTN did a good job not sitting in that shadow. There were still obvious Tolkien references with names like "Théoden", and references to Helm's Deep and "spider-hobbits", but Heart of Flame distinguished itself as a stand-alone epic, which I feel would make a great graphic novel, perhaps called DWARF-ORPHAN.

    My favorite part of this campaign was all the memorable imagery brought to the fore, like the orc leader's sash in episode seven, bathed in the blood of slain dwarves and woven of scalped dwarf beards and mustaches... or Daali's mischievous clockwork spider, or the winded battle-veterans marching languidly through the forest in heavy armor after Kurth, Gillig blending in with rocks as the ugly rock, Baro's aerial skewering, and Vantesh Bodek "the Torm laser" someday having a storied line of descendants yea unto Yakesh Bodek.

    You guys also stopped to make what was probably one of the best one-shots ever made, and I was shocked that it only received two comments from the audience. Brilliant use of characterization and music.

    Great job everyone, thanks very much for sharing your games with the internet, and have a splendid 2016.