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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Episode # 237 - Go Full Paladin

Ok, here is the REAL epsisode 237. The Dungeon & Dragon 5th Edition World build episode.  Halfling Nationalists unite!!

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    1. Smitty!!!! I clicked delete in a mad drunk'n haze and didn't even get to read the comment!!! HELP!!!! Please re-reply!

    2. Hey, long time listener first time caller. I was just wondering about the choice to go 5e over some of the other fantasy systems that take a more committed role in story over dice and crunchy stats. Systems such as savage lands or 13th age, which has a system very a kin to aspects. Enjoying the start though, looking forward to the "black company" (Glen Cook) style fantasy squad play.

    3. Thanks Smitty, you saved me from my own stupidity! :)

  2. Damn it Tom you fixed it before I could make my snide remarks. My weekend is ruined. Now everyone will go back to praising you for your masterful editing skills and picking on poor Scott, just cause he's an asshole. Like pointing out how he does asshole things like that cliffhanger. He doesn't deserve that, everybody loves a wise ass as long as they're not talking to them.

    On an unrelated note I second the motion for a Better Angels game at some point. It's got great social combat, and I love the initiative system and mechanics of the One Roll Engine. I don't really care for the rulebook as a read though. It's a little too fluff and not enough crunch, more style than function in the writing. Which would be great in any other format, it just makes it difficult to field rules questions while GMing. But you can get a lot of supplements and stuff free from the publisher's website, which even I find hard to be critical of. You could probably even manage to set it in the Dresden files universe, if all the PCs were Denarians. But even for a game that's literally about conflict with your inner demons the games tend to play more like the movie Megamind than your group's usual game.