Current Blades in the Dark - Machination

Current Campaign: "Blades in the Dark - Machination"

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Episode #219 Kicked in the Jimmy

With enough puzzle pieces to begin figuring things out. The crew sits down and tries to at least get the board of the puzzle figured out. Oh yeah, and there is a prison to be questioned..

Actual Play Starts 13:40

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  1. Hello knights! (lets just avoid that whole gender issue...)

    Chalk me up in the "came to hear how the DF RPG works, stayed for everything else" and "thanks for the editing" categories. Been listening over the past few months and am now caught up.

    I don't want to re-hash all the comments I have heard across multiple episodes, so suffice it to say that you have now gotten me addicted to listening to Actual Play podcasts through the repetitive parts of my job and I will start checking out some of the other groups you mention and have links to on the website.

    As for comments about the current gameplay... I'm of two minds about the "conversations" between Jake and Silverbell. On one hand, they are great RPing. On the other, Silverbell can be a little stubborn about not hearing what Jake is actually saying or being inconsistent with her answers. No matter how my times Jake said "I understand--you did not send us back, but you provided the person/being with the ability to send us back and probably started the process" she would alternate between "yes" and "no" depending on how petulant she was at the given moment.

    I completely understand her prior responses (trust issues and "why would these people believe me if I told them that I was going to move us through time but had nothing to do with sending us to THIS time") but she was beginning to make some progress and should start opening up a bit more about her abilities.

    And about those abilities... Tom, you had way too much fun teasing us with that "fuzzy" recording. Question to you--does her roll playing make more sense with the knowledge you got from editing that bit?

    Final bit and it is a question to the group: have you ever thought about the fact that most of the questions/responses you read out won't be heard by the person who made them for weeks or even months? On the one hand, it might become a nice surprise when they do get to it. On another, it would be nice to get that instant gratification.

    Seems like you do what you can with the Facebook replies and chats. Just something I thought of a few times while listening.

    Wishing you more enjoyable gaming sessions in the future,

    Ian Deckert