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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Episode #212 Which I believe is.. Pimp

Silverbell tries to drag the party back to the library, while Jay, Chu and Edgard attempt to escape the hedge..
 Actual Play starts 14:42


  1. message from mad mjolnir

    g'day knights,

    sounds like you might be passing the halfway point of this time travel misadventure i thought i might suggest a game to play between your major campaigns that might cleanse the palate of the ... issues ... some of you have had with the Sin Eater. have a look at Timewatch - it uses the gumshoe system and puts the PCs in far more control of their destiny. if i ever get around to running it in anger it will resemble a mashup of bill & ted and stargate, but i'm sure you lot will find some deep and dark mystery to solve, albiet sci fi instead of supernatural. maybe it's time for mike to gm given his previously mentioned love of science fiction?

  2. So escaping from the trees may have been distracting but noone thought to look for the kids that were supposed to be there.