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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Episode #151 - Numenera - One Small Problem

Episode #151 - Numenera - One Small Problem

A few final purchases and then the group leaves the city of Serenity behind them – but they’ve brought a bigger problem along with them and the time to deal with it is quickly approaching.

Actual Play 20:43


  1. I love this setting. I don't know why, but this setting in particular easily forms in my minds eye. KOTN scores again.

  2. Another great episode! I always like it when character issues are treated as real problems that need to be addressed. Good stuff.

    I'm a new fan, went shopping around for actual play podcasts during my stint as a firefighter this summer. The best I could find were only ok, and the bad ones I found were batfuck awful. Yours is easily the best. World of Darkness, Dresden, Dungeon World and Numinera have been wonderful thrill rides. Each campaign is different and unique, in their own kickass way. I'm learning a lot from you guys, and really digging the podcast. Thanks.