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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Episode #144 - Dungeon World - Resisting the Empire

The Crew almost had everything under control and then the Red Cloaks showed up. Now what? Run? Confront them? Or… is there another way?

Actual Play starts at 46:23

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  1. Thanks for playing my last bit of feedback, I wanted to provide you with a pronunciation guide for my name. the e in Rema is a long e, sounds like the e from the start of eagle or easle.

    I figured you would want to know.

    So after six weeks I have finally caught up and listened to all the episodes, hopefully I can make it until the next episode without getting the shakes too bad.

    What an absolute blast it has been, and now that I got caught up I wanted to cast my votes for favorites:

    Favorite Shit Luck character: Dr Lucius, I wanted to say Chew but I really didn't get into his character until part two.

    Favorite Delivery Character: Without a doubt it has to be Alan still waiting for him to put everybody else in their place.

    Favorite Chagrin Character: That's a toss up I really think that Chew is the winner here but their were some really great moments for everybody really hard to choose just one.

    Dungeon World: Jared the Mage with the Paladin a close second.

    I just ran my first session of Dungeon World a few weeks ago and I think everybody had a blast. I can't wait to get back to it once my Hackmaster (5th ed) game cools down.

    Did I hear that right, Numenera is next? I hope so my copy (bought after following your amazon link) should be arriving any day now and it would be awesome to hear my favorite AP podcasters introduce the game to me.

    Anyway thanks for the great stories and all the laughs. I am almost tempted to try and remember my facebook account info to join in some of the fan discussions, if only their was a google group......