Current Campaign:"Clockwork Dominion"

Current Campaign: "Clockwork Dominion"

KotN Plays a Clockwork Dominion game in our own Setting.
Set in the Spiral Archipelago

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Episode #124 - Chagrin - Hand to Hand

Task Force S.I.R.E.N. has splintered into four groups desperately clinging to life: Michael and Sister Katie grasp the hands of the innocent children and attempt to lead them to safety.

Edgard finds himself on his hands and knees with death rapidly approaching.

Agent Chu Park's unsteady hand tries to fire upon an inhuman entity that endlessly shambles after him.

And finally, Daniel and Jay find themselves in an unexpected, brutal, tight-quarter encounter that may decide the fate of the entire operation.

Actual Play starts 10:36

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