Current Blades in the Dark - Machination

Current Campaign: "Blades in the Dark - Machination"

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Episode #118 - Chagrin - A Christmas Carol in July

The battle rages in the fields and the stone colonial as Task Force S.I.R.E.N. press their attack. But advisers new and old threaten to stem the advance: A dark form hovers over the battlefield silent and ominous; demons still stir in the hot midnight air hungry for new souls; and the undead clamber for the warm flesh and blood of our heroes.

In a cacophony of gunshots, moans, screams and gibbering madness a tiny voices begins to sing in the gore-soaked fields. And maybe, just maybe that's enough to save the innocent and turn the tide of the battle.

Actual Play Starts 14:39

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