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Current Campaign: "Blades in the Dark - Machination"

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Episode #100 - DFRPG Wrap Up Discussion

The crew talks about their impression feelings on fate and Dresden Files RPG in general and the Delivery story line in particular. Plus feedback from the final episode from the fans!


  1. Whelp Firefox crashed well I was doing the write up to questions and confusions from episode 62 to 73...
    So abbreviated version go!

    You don't break the 5th law of magic if say you bind a ghost, to interrogate it etc. But you do if you bind the ghost and enslave it. You also break the 5th law if you empower the ectoplasm shell a ghost can make(but not the kind a spirit makes, difference in working with the dead and all that)

    Focus Items Work Like This

    We make a staff out of 4 focus item slots as example
    +2 Fire Evocation Offensive : Control & Power
    +1 Fire Evocation Offensive & Defensive : Control & Power
    +4 Fire Evocation Offensive Control
    +1 Fire & Earth Evocation : Offensive & Defensive : Control
    +1 Fire & Earth Evocation : Offensive : Control & Power
    or other variations and variants

    A focus item cannot just give a +1 to Control or Power,for Evocations. Nor can it just give +1 to Complexity or Power in Thaumaturgy it has to be in a specific field.
    For Thaumaturgy purposes that could be Wards, Divination, Ectomancy what have you.

    London mentions looking back on the past events, this is something he would know he has to be careful about because its close to breaking the 6th law.
    Simply put its up to Tom on this how far London can push it before he breaks the law.
    I'd go with getting a post-cognition based vision, and a set amount of details, but pushing to much could create a ripple changing the past or twisting what was there future.
    Its all up to Tom on how he wishes to handle it

    The game notes that you only get the Lawbreaker bonus when you use magic towards violating the law again.
    Though is specific circumstances I would allow its use/benefit without it breaching the law.
    Such as having Lawbreaker Second and using your magic to shape-shift yourself. As this does not break the second law but the intrinsic damage done to your soul for breaking the law would let you have greater control.
    This has nothing to do with the game I mentioned it because its how I'm going with it in my Dresden game. And hoping my friend who is thinking of running there own will agree so I can play Eve. Poor girl has issues, but really when your plan is to play a character who is starting with 2 Lawbreaker abilities what can you expect?
    Will finish up this story arc and answer further questions, give my opinions etc. but will take a bit longer then I planned.

  2. So guys as much as I would love to go over everything from 86 and on-wards in greater detail. Thunderstorm and lost the original post so yeah short version here we go!

    Donovan seems to have only broke the first law and only if those guys were human.
    The thing with going into peoples heads has the same rules as the first law so the ghoul thing doesn't count.
    And if they were not then he never broke any laws so yeah he would have probably only deserved a reprimand, not an execution.
    Just something you could play with Tom if you wanted.

    Mana Static/Hexing.
    Can be directed at a single target but, think of it this way your just focusing you natural ability to short out magic as a wizard.
    Your taking an pulse that radiates 360 degrees around you and narrowing it.

    Also because I am a jerk here is the big problem with this story.
    Black Courts are based on the novel, and they follow all those rules.
    That means, Dracula and all Black Courts can go out in sunlight.
    They lose all powers(and since most look, smell and in most other ways are a corpse), but can freely go outside into the sun. And now that I have destroyed I shall move on, to the next story arc!