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Current Campaign: "Blades in the Dark - Machination"

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Episode #90 "DFRPG 2_28 - Delivery - Let's Make a Deal

London spends the majority of the episode drunk which tends to make him even more annoying than normal...

Actual Play starts at 6:11


  1. Hey Guys i have just started listening to KOTN (Episode 4) and i love it its amazing and i hope you don't stop soon. i have just finnished putting them on my ipod and now im gonna smash them out so i can be up to date.

    - Jasper (5/5 Stars)

  2. Thanks Jasper. Glad you're enjoying it

  3. Hey, guys! Got away from the podcast for a while, but I'm coming back to it! Enjoying delivery. Actually, I kind of went backwards as I returned to chagrin and am now going back to delivery. I have to wonder, though, is there ANYTHING London gives a shit about besides wine and cash?? Geez! Alan deserves better than the likes of London!!