Current Campaign:"Clockwork Dominion"

Current Campaign: "Clockwork Dominion"

KotN Plays a Clockwork Dominion game in our own Setting.
Set in the Spiral Archipelago

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Episode #73 - "DFRPG 2_11 - Delivery - Preparation" is up!

So many pieces to the puzzle, how do they all fit together? Do they all fit together?? And who should the crew be looking for first?

Do they go after the missing Warden or is their new target the missing newborn? Will the ghost that haunts Allan allow him to do anything but search for her baby?

Actual Play starts at 5:45

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  1. Hey, the story us really starting to unveil. I love it. Oh and would you tell Bob (Chu) his biggest fan is awaiting his return.