Current Campaign:"Nights Black Agents"

Current Campaign: "Night's Black Agents"
Kotn Plays Nights Black Agents

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Episode #308 - CDSA Dim Your Greatness

After a bit of an absence - We are back and stronger.. well, maybe sicker than ever (colds still hanging around). Hope it doesn't distract too much for the game play. Enjoy

AP begins 11:29

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  1. HI everyone, love the show, and have been listening for the last few years. I did a quick brake down on % of game play based on the sight. Hope it helps :)

    Game Total episodes %
    WOD 127 41.10%
    Dresden RPG 117 38.19%
    Numenera 19 6.15%
    DND 5e 18 5.83%
    Clockwork Dominion 16 5.18%
    Dungeon World 11 3.56%
    Total 308 100.00%