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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Episode #261 - Dresden Files RPG - You Had Me at London

Week two of the world / character building - this time with more Rachel / Zelda!

Next week.. Game on!

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  1. Having worked through Rituals recently, I distinctly remember Zelda being mentioned as having the Tower of Faith and Doctor stunts, and maybe Person of Conviction and/or Occultist. Obviously that's a decent chunk of refresh, but Doctor I think sounds like it definitely would still apply.

    Powers-wise, it sounded a lot like she had a Rituals (-2), for a type of fortune-telling, but that might be more than necessary. An easier system might be to variant Guide My Hand (-1) and Righteousness (-2). The Conviction skill already innately governs "Acts of Faith", so Guide My Hand might be used to justify Conviction to perform overcome or maneuvers based on cards and the spiritual guidance effect slots in well with shaping the future. Righteousness comes to mind in that for Zelda a "prayer" would be a long form ritualistic reading (like a five point or a celtic cross), which could invoke her High Concept - the mechanical effect would be based on her interpretation of the reading. If there's no need for a mechanical effect, the card read is purely introspective. Shaping the future can be very powerful, but since there's an inherently random element there's not much need to make it mechanically costly. And again, this assumes she has a purely faith-based power (which is a tangible force in Dresden distinct from "Magic").