Current Campaign:"Nights Black Agents"

Current Campaign: "Night's Black Agents"
Kotn Plays Nights Black Agents

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Episode #210 Bandelier of Useless Bullshit

Once again the party is split in two, but all members are desperately attempting to get back together. Or are they… Where did Silverbell  go and what is she up to?

Actual Play begins 39:47

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  1. I very much enjoyed this weeks episode with its rant on narrative style and player control. While I can see where some people might be frustrated with Silver Bell, at least she is acting on her characters motivations by doing what she thinks is necessary. I understand the other players nervousness at being burnt by one of Scott's Gygaxian traps. However, Scott is right about horror games not having the same narrative control as other games. But each choice that a player makes exerts narrative influence on the story. Scott commented that the story never goes the way he envisioned because the players are affecting the storytelling with their choices. Finally opening a door, whether its a physical door or a magical means of looking through to the hedge, starts as soon as someone recognizes the need to open it or begins drawing a chalk circle. Therefore tonight's ATIFOD is 30min, or 1/2 of a Scott.