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Current Campaign: "DnD Black Frost"
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Thursday, October 2, 2014

Episode #195 - WoD - It's Called a Dramatic Failure

It's can't possibly get any worse, can it? Listen and find out how it does :)
Actual Play starts 21:58

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  1. Well, I could discuss the finer philosophical points of Eclipse Phase for hours (and have done so in the past), but I won't. I will just affirm my recommendation that if you don't mind wrapping your heads around the technology and themes, or the more traditional-style rules, you should give EP a good look over. I think the Knights might enjoy the stronger focus on psychological, social and existential themes than necessarily the threats of physical violence.

    Since you guys mentioned Misdirected Mark, I know that they recently did an interview with Ross Payton of Role-Playing Public Radio and RPPR community member Peter Neilsen about the recent supplement (Boiling Point) they've both worked on (In KS right now), for Ross' game Base Raiders. If you haven't already, you should also maybe take a look at that game for its interesting take on the "Superheroes" (a term which may be used loosely) genre, which is FATE based. Might be good for one of your brief "interlude" campaigns which produce a couple months of episodes.

    Thanks for taking the time to read/comment on my posts, Knights (Both sirs and dame).