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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Episode #191 - DFRPG - Players Review of Rituals

Players give there thoughts and feeling on Ritual, Fate and GM Tom.

Actual play starts 2:52

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  1. It feels weird posting on such an old episode, but I've seen you guys read old comments before, so I figured it couldn't hurt to throw in my 2 cents!

    I got referred to this blog a few weeks ago by a friend that knew I liked Fate. Since then, I've listened to all of Delivery and Rituals.

    I've found the Actual Play enjoyable so far; in fact, this is the only Actual Play I've been able to listen to for more than a few episodes. The extensive editing work gives each session more-or-less the pacing required of a piece of entertainment, and the added music and sound effects go above and beyond to create something that I have little problem listening to for hours on end.

    That said, the Dresden Files system (and the Fate system, in general) is kind of being butchered here. I have to cringe every time the players complain that the system is so easy and happy-go-lucky. It's because the GM only ever throws softballs at them!

    There are none of the ruthless Compels, brutal complications from failed rolls, and inhumanly competent supernatural predators that are the hallmark of the game. Sure, when you can kill a dozen vampires by hitting them with a truck, the game is going to be easy. But each one of those vampires is capable of moving faster than that truck from a dead standstill, and kicking said truck end-to-end if they needed to. In the casefiles, we see Thomas toss such a vehicle over with one hand, and he's notoriously malnourished for his kind.

    The PCs are quite entertaining, though. I'd really like to see them go up against enemies that are accurately depicted, rather than being decrepit toddler versions of themselves perpetually glued to the idiot ball.