Current Campaign:"Clockwork Dominion"

Current Campaign: "Clockwork Dominion"

KotN Plays a Clockwork Dominion game in our own Setting.
Set in the Spiral Archipelago

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Episode #82 - "DFRPG 2_20 - Delivery - Disagreements" is up!

The gang is back together and having a meal at Tommy's in Coventry. But are they really back together, or about to split apart?

Actual Play starts at 2:32


  1. I am well and truely hooked to rhis plotline.Everyone is staying on charecter and concept. The warden will have the hardest job to mend this rift between friends before the deadline is reached. Well done to storyteller...dark angel and paragon of hope.


  2. Thanks Rockett.

    Glad you're enjoying the plotline/story.